Let yourself be inspired by this modern kitchen with geometric wallpaper

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and so is its look. To decorate it, you can wallpaper the inside of a cupboard or a niche. This does not just provide colour - a little bit of wallpaper in your small spaces also adds some cachet to the room.

Although the idea of wallpapering a cupboard might seem totally outdated, using vinyl wallpaper here produces a sleek and modern result.

Geometric wallpaper from the Nuances collection was used in this kitchen. Endlessly large triangles have transformed this wall design into a strong graphic motif.


In this Soren wallpaper, the pearled effect enhances the matte and transparent triangles.


Want another look? Then close your cupboard doors. That way, you will also hide your kitchen clutter. ;-)

Is wallpaper in the kitchen always a good idea?

Yes but we recommend vinyl wallpaper. The surface of vinyl wallpaper has a plastic coating and it is easy to wipe clean. This wallpaper is the ideal wall decoration for the kitchen: it looks lovely and you can wipe all the stains off in one movement.

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